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Saxophone Players! Saxophone Player dotnet is here.

Being a Sax Player can be a little crazy. There are so many things Sax Players are expected to be able to do.

It starts with getting a sound out, then learning to read Music and basic Sax playing. It is not easy to sound good right away. For some people it takes a long time too!

From there, Sax Playing can include doubling on other woodwind instruments (other sizes of saxophones or flute, clarinet, and double reeds), playing many different styles (classical, jazz, pop, rock, smooth jazz or Latin), school bands (marching band, concert bands, jazz band, orchestra, jazz combo), playing with friends in smaller groups (garage bands - jazz, rock, ska, metal).

Then we are trying to find gigs, working as a sideman or band leader, finding the need to sing or play other instruments (Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion) and the list goes on.

Where do you start when you have a million questions about the Saxophone or you need a place to learn more about music and the Sax? Saxophone Player dotnet! Welcome to the Sax Player Spot online!

Our mission is to provide a one-stop Saxophone Portal to the Saxophone Community. Basic Saxophone Playing, fingering charts, sax lessons, saxophone forums, sax sites and links to the best Sax web sites on the World Wide Web!

We do need your help. If you find a great sax site or run one that should be included here, please email SAXBOY ( with your link and description to get that information up for all to see.

If you find this site helpful, please place a link on your site to help other Saxophonists find the articles and sites that have been reviewed by human editors, specific for the Saxophone Community.

Any thoughts or comments are appreciated. We offer the following links for free, because they are public documents on the internet for this very purpose.

We only attempt to organize them for you from the Sax Player perspectives. The only other thing we ask is that you consider supporting the effort by reviewing and possibly purchasing a CD from the Greg Vail CD Catalog if you find these resources of help.

Blessings in your search and continued success!!

The coolest thing about the internet is how much information you can find online! You don't need a great sax teacher in every town now, even though that would be great.

You can go online and find real answers to a full range of questions about the Saxophone and Music right now; any time of the day or night, and it is often free!! Even those students with great sax teachers can supplement there studies with helpful information, articles and helps.

Many teachers are now teaching online using Skype or setting up lesson series to subscribe to. The options are good for the Sax Players with an internet connection.

The question is, how do you find the Sax Help you need? Where do you look? Where are all the good sites and how can you find answers to your specific Saxophone problem or questions??

Saxophone Player dotnet!

Under Construction - This site has been a concept piece so far. We are doing some updates to and checking links that have been posted for quality and availability.

Helpful Links -
Saxophone.US is a Pop Sax Player site with some articles and helps in a more modern approach to the Saxophone.
is the Home Page for Greg Vail Music - host of this site and many other sites on the web.

Sister Sites - AltoSaxophone.US and TenorSaxophone.US are great sites viewed thousands of times a week by young saxophone students looking for information and help!

These sites are all directed at your search questions.

So many are looking for sound clips, videos, samples and examples of sound, pictures of saxophones or sax players, fingering charts, help playing better and sounding better, and want to learn more about the sax history and many of the famous sax players of the past that shaped the music we hear today.

The Sister Sites are great for all these resources. Soprano and Bari Sites will be available too!
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