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Saxophone Basics. Links to get you started playing the Saxophone.

The internet has a million great resources for Saxophone Players, but finding them can be a chore. Many great musicians and teachers lack the know how to deal with Search Engines and have wonder information that you will never find.

We are going to try to find the good Sax Links and get them organized for you!

I would appreciate any help you might be able to give. Have a great Saxophone Site in your Favorites that has helped you a lot? Email me with the site for our editors to review and attempt to categorize in the Saxophone Portal. Much thanks in advance for your time and contribution.

Starting with the basics...

Saxophone Fingering Charts - LINK

Saxophone Altissimo Fingering Charts -

What is Altissimo? It is the really high notes above the top note of the Saxophone. Getting these notes requires an understanding of Overtones on the Saxophone, practice playing overtones and a long time to master control of this top range of the sax.

Online Saxophone Lessons - Subscription and online private lessons

  • - Interactive Saxophone Fingering Chart - Was free but went to a pay Subscription site with many saxophone helps and lessons available.
  • is set up with free articles and pay lessons via Skype. There does seem like there are lots of resources and lots of ads.... Listening to the sax samples the playing level is not the greatest but adequate for any new student thru intermediate playing styles. He does have books uploaded (not sure about copyright issues) and samples of him playing exercises in MP3 - a reference is good.

  • Saxophone Player dotnet!

Under Construction - More pages coming!

Helpful Links -
Saxophone.US is a Pop Sax Player site with some articles and helps in a more modern approach to the Saxophone.
is the Home Page for Greg Vail Music - host of this site and many other sites on the web.

Sister Sites - AltoSaxophone.US and TenorSaxophone.US are great sites viewed thousands of times a week by young saxophone students looking for information and help!

These sites are all directed at your search questions.

So many are looking for sound clips, videos, samples and examples of sound, pictures of saxophones or sax players, fingering charts, help playing better and sounding better, and want to learn more about the sax history and many of the famous sax players of the past that shaped the music we hear today.

The Sister Sites are great for all these resources. Soprano and Bari Sites will be available too!
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